August 2009

Just for Fun

Recently I was invited to be one of a group of photographers shooting at a community non-profit event. I asked these girls if they would allow me to take their picture. They asked if they… Read More »Just for Fun

1942 Redo

This is one of the more challenging projects I’ve done. While there is always the temptation to make the “old” look “new again”, I intentionally keep much of the original color and texture. I like… Read More »1942 Redo

Presentation Counts

For this client, I created a folder from watercolor paper, silk ribbon, and traditional photo corners. This gave him an acid-free, yet attractive means of presenting his restored photographs to his family. Thanks to Katy,… Read More »Presentation Counts

Little Baby Boy

This was taken in 1938 – the baby is the gentleman who contracted with me to restore these photographs of his mother. I’m especially fond of this image. His mother’s hair, the headband, the quiet… Read More »Little Baby Boy

1940’s Restored

These pictures were taken in the early 1940’s and as you can see, there has been extensive damage. This one was torn across the middle, the two halves taped together with clear tape – the… Read More »1940’s Restored