Happy Fourth of July!

I can’t imagine that Daddy was happy with the composition of this picture. After all, in 1950, this just wasn’t how most people holding a twin reflex camera tried to capture a scene.   However,… Read More »Happy Fourth of July!

Hearts, Home, and Hope

One of the first slides I scanned is this image of our grandparent’s home.  Built in about 1948, this is the home that served to connect our family members to one another. Cousins, aunts, uncles,… Read More »Hearts, Home, and Hope

Illustrated Stories

This is my current project.  Hundreds of family negatives and slides – and only about 15 of them identified.  They were taken in a period between 1930 – 1976 and are in surprisingly good condition.… Read More »Illustrated Stories

Mutual Sweetness

Nicole and Parker, your wedding was an absolute delight – from start to finish.  Everywhere I looked there were vignettes that perfectly reflected the two of you.  I got teary more than once that day… Read More »Mutual Sweetness

Constant Motion

Constant motion.  That’s what I kept thinking of as we did a shoot for a just-turned-one-year-old.  But what a cutie! I’ve taken this little guy’s pictures ever since he was a newbie.  And this time,… Read More »Constant Motion

The Face(s) of Memphis

Some of the faces of last weekend’s “Bellevue Loves Memphis” and “Memphis Starts with Me” projects. Click “Read More” to see more photos. Yes, that’s snow.  Never seen snow in Memphis in March.  But the… Read More »The Face(s) of Memphis

KROC Memphis!

If you haven’t visited the new KROC Center in Memphis, I encourage you to check it out.  I had the opportunity to work as one of the photographers for the Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting ceremonies February… Read More »KROC Memphis!

Christmas Surprise #2

Christmas Surprise #2 was crazy-fun!  For years, the framed original had been displayed on a table-top, along with other photos.  One of the other photos had blocked the sun, which is what caused both the… Read More »Christmas Surprise #2

Christmas Surprise #1

I’ve been eager to post the before/after of Christmas projects I was working on, but have had to wait until after all Christmas celebrations have passed since each of these was a surprise!! Pictures were… Read More »Christmas Surprise #1