Combining Vintage with Current

This layout combines a heritage photograph, a letter she wrote to her mother-in-law, and a current photograph.

Fire Damage

This is a rather spectacular change. This is a photograph of a great grandmother taken in the early 1900’s. It, along with several other photographs had been damaged in a fire. This restoration took a… Read More »Fire Damage

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The little baby on the left is now 30 years old. The baby on the right is the baby’s baby. Happy Birthday, Shelley!

School Day Picture

This little 6 year old is now a grandmother. Her daughter brought this first grade picture to me to see if I could repair the cracks in the original.

Taking Someone Out

This is the first photograph I altered for someone else. The story is that the young woman in the before picture did not become the wife of the handsome young man. His granddaughter wanted the… Read More »Taking Someone Out