Shoveling Snow

We don’t get much snow in Memphis, and the snow we do get is typically gone within a couple of days if not a couple of hours.  However, we haven’t always lived here.  As a… Read More »Shoveling Snow

Tis the Season

Deck the Hall with boughs of holly……and crystal reindeer, and Santas, and lights and you have the most wonderful time of the year with the folks at the Arlington Senior Center. Once again, I had… Read More »Tis the Season

Jolly {Little} Elf

 “…..a right jolly old Elf, and I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself.” As if this baby boy wasn’t cute enough the day we shot his Christmas pics, looking back at the… Read More »Jolly {Little} Elf

A Truly Good Thing

Good thing I’m a gadget-girl.  Ask my husband.  He’ll tell you that it’s hard for me to walk away from a good gadget.  I also love color.  Especially bright pink.  That’s a good thing, too,… Read More »A Truly Good Thing

Perfectly Framed

I always appreciate the thoughtfulness of the folks I get to work with, and this was certainly no exception.  The project was brought to me by this gentleman’s great-great-(great?)-granddaughter-in-law. She is a librarian, so  it… Read More »Perfectly Framed

Flay Day 2012

To celebrate Flag Day (and just for fun), Sarah and I worked together to create some truly fun, vintage-inspired images. I had borrowed my dad’s Army uniform from my sister who has legal, full-time custody. … Read More »Flay Day 2012

Sweet Expressions

The feelings your baby creates in you is something you have to experience before you can fully appreciate it.  I will always remember my husband, Tim, after the birth of our first child, Sarah.  It… Read More »Sweet Expressions

A Little Light Please

Yes, it’s been forever since I’ve posted. Tomorrow I’ll begin sharing pictures that illustrate the reason for the long silence, but today I’ll reveal the cause:  There was mold in them there Hills’ (house).   Fortunately,… Read More »A Little Light Please

It’s About Time

It’s about time I got a handle on off camera lighting.  And this vintage clock was a very patient subject for today’s practice shots.  The first goal was to create an image that shows the… Read More »It’s About Time