Just in Time

These pictures were truly taken just in time.  On a recent afternoon, we met for a quick session of “capture the belly” – nearly 2 weeks before her due date. Within 5 minutes of leaving… Read More »Just in Time

Glimpse of Glory

There is a wonderful park close to my house.  It includes a wetland filled with cypress trees which causes my imagination to run wild, expecting at any time to see Hobbits trekking through the woods.… Read More »Glimpse of Glory

Love Is…

It was 1933 and he was 24 when they got married.  That is young by today’s standards when marriages are delayed until we graduate from college, begin our careers, and check a variety of things… Read More »Love Is…

Fabric Box {Toot}

In good conscience, I can’t really call this a tutorial, since so many details are missing.  That’s why I titled this, “Fabric Box {Toot}“.  Get it?  It’s almost a “tutorial”!  Details are missing, not because… Read More »Fabric Box {Toot}

Gala, Indeed

It truly was a Gala in every sense of the word.  And, as always, I learned a great deal by photographing the people that make an event just that – an event.   This one… Read More »Gala, Indeed

The Year of Light

 I’ve dubbed 2012 as The Year of Light and this photograph is as good place as any to begin. The afternoon of New Year’s Eve, Tim made a fresh pot of coffee, poured a cup,… Read More »The Year of Light

Little Ladybug

She wasn’t too sure about me, and I can’t blame her.  Two days after Christmas, all dressed up in her new ladybug dress and then meeting a strange woman (that would be me) with a… Read More »Little Ladybug

Joy and Stuff

Today was simply crazy fun. This brother and sister team are so good about being willing to try some poses that are  just a bit outside “the box”.  And for that, I credit their mom.… Read More »Joy and Stuff