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Illustrated Stories

This is my current project.  Hundreds of family negatives and slides – and only about 15 of them identified.  They were taken in a period between 1930 – 1976 and are in surprisingly good...


Jolly {Little} Elf

 “…..a right jolly old Elf, and I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself.” As if this baby boy wasn’t cute enough the day we shot his Christmas pics, looking back at...

Just in Time 0

Just in Time

These pictures were truly taken just in time.  On a recent afternoon, we met for a quick session of “capture the belly” – nearly 2 weeks before her due date. Within 5 minutes of...

Little Ladybug 1

Little Ladybug

She wasn’t too sure about me, and I can’t blame her.  Two days after Christmas, all dressed up in her new ladybug dress and then meeting a strange woman (that would be me) with...

Joy and Stuff 2

Joy and Stuff

Today was simply crazy fun. This brother and sister team are so good about being willing to try some poses that are  just a bit outside “the box”.  And for that, I credit their...

Fabulously Fun 0

Fabulously Fun

 It’s fun to pretend.  Seriously.  It’s also fun to be the one behind the lens.  Truly seriously. The best part of these shots is that I didn’t stage them.  We had done some of...

Me and My Brothers 1

Me and My Brothers

Just me….. ..and my brothers….. ….strollin’ down the avenue…. (or gravel road as the case may be 🙂    … to see more click here

Daddy’s Girl 0

Daddy’s Girl

They aren’t this little for long.  The sleepless nights become a vague memory, although that may be the result of months of sleep deprivation rather than the dreamy passage of time.  I have to...