Our Little Heart-Stealer

How does one “catch up” when a blog has been on the back burner for so long?  One doesn’t. These eyes ….. oh.my.stars …… these eyes!
This little sweetie has been the focus of much of our energy for the past 18 months.  When we were moving, we looked for a house in which we could imagine him playing.  When we were decorating, creating space that would be memorable to him has been a big priority.  (Just wait till you see the cowboy room).  When we take out our calendar(s) and plan our days and weeks and months, this guy receives priority scheduling.

He is the happiest and most engaging baby I’ve ever met.  I can easily attribute those qualities to his parents.  His dad is a incredible people-person.  He has a gift of making those around him feel very special.  His mom is unbelievably laid back (her ring tone on my phone is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”).  Combine that mommy with that daddy and you get Little Mr. Personality – you get the little man who has stolen our hearts.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be reimagining and reinventing this site.  ElizaD: The Art of Recollection will remain my brand, but the focus will shift from a client-based photography and restoration business to a more personal interpretation of The Art of Recollection as well as some relevant product and service offerings.
In today’s world, most of our photos are on our phones, tablets, and even occasionally on our computers.  There’s a place for that, certainly, but I am of the opinion that our memories deserve a more tangible representation.
I have ideas to share with you. Ideas that may help you convert your digital images as well as the “stuff” in your attic into your own, personal Art of Recollection.