1920’s Baby

The original image is very small – only 1.5 x 2.25 inches. The finished image is 5×7. I chose not to change the black stripe down the side or to crop the image. I kind of like the “not quite perfect” composition. Maybe I find it reassuring for all those shots of my own that I didn’t get the composition quite right. Maybe someday someone will appreciate my slightly off center shots.

Look at that smile! Look at the sparkle in the baby’s eyes. Who would ever guess that this baby is now a Grandfather! I am helping his daughter with a project for her dad. She is scrapbooking all his vintage photographs. Unfortunately, after her first compilation, which she had worked on with her grandmother, the scrapbooks suffered water damage. She has taken all the photographs out of the damaged books, and little by little she and I are restoring the images for a new book she is creating.

She is a wonderful daughter and has embarked on a marvelous labor of love. (Wait till you see the pictures of her dad’s favorite horse….)