Analog Album to 3D FlipBook in Less Than 1 Hour

Having the ability to easily share an entire photo album with family is truly important to me. I don’t like being the single point of failure in any project whether it is for work or personal. I was the single point of failure in a major project for four years and I can say with certainty, it is very stressful.

As I work on our family’s history, I want to make sure that as soon as possible I create a sharable version of whatever I’m working on. This 80+ page album is my current project.

Although I’ll be doing a high-res scan of the entire album, 35 minutes invested in the Adobe Scan app, downloading to my computer, and uploading to my website results in a 3d Flipbook that can be shared with the family via a link to this post.

The Adobe Scan app color adjusted and the white balance is a bit off, but since this was to simply create a record copy of the original, I chose to leave it as is.. The high-res scans I’ll be doing will not have that color casting, but for a <1 hr project, going from analog to digital to a sharable flipbook, I’m putting this in the “win” column.

New Album – A Little Different

As I create new pages from the old, I am adding context. I’m adding family trees, notes, newspaper articles, anything that will make it easier for the next generation to relate to the people and places captured in all these lovely photos. This project is on my workbench at the moment as I work on a way to bind these pages into a handmade book cover.