Before and After: The New ‘Do

The big reveal for the haircut was Sunday afternoon.  She was at our house for her brother’s birthday dinner and after cake, I snapped these pictures of her new hairdo.  As soon as I uploaded them, I was reminded of a toddler version of my daughter with bangs and a bob haircut and a perky headband.

Of course, I realize this is my daughter, and that I’m not entirely objective, but how absolutely cute!!

Before:  2 yrs old.  After:  24 yrs old.  She has always had long hair.  Gloriously thick, shiny, healthy long hair.  She recently moved into a house, shared with three other young women, one of whom is an intern at a rather prestigious salon in Memphis.  Sarah was last week’s model.  The cut to demonstrate:  Invented Bob.  The result:  Fabulous!

Just a thought:  creating a compare and contrast layout using photographs from the past along with photographs taken today tells a story that otherwise couldn’t be told.