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I Recently Learned

Lessons learned in making an oversized birthday card: 1.  Think about how you will ship it.  Not only think about it, but check to see what size boxes and/or shipping envelopes are actually available...

Something Creative

Something Creative

If ever there was a phrase that reminds me of my mother, this is it.  To say she was creative is a bit of an understatement.  She was a talented musician, a gifted artist,...

“Do You Scrapbook?”

When asked if I scrapbook, the simple answer is, “no”. It’s rather ironic, since I had the opportunity to spend two years working at Archiver’s, a fabulous paper-crafting and scrapbook store. The ladies I...

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The little baby on the left is now 30 years old. The baby on the right is the baby’s baby. Happy Birthday, Shelley!