Daddy’s Girl

They aren’t this little for long.  The sleepless nights become a vague memory, although that may be the result of months of sleep deprivation rather than the dreamy passage of time.  I have to laugh.  When my daughter was a baby, I asked my Mama when I would get to sleep through the night again.  As I waited for her response, hoping for encouragement, she replied, “Never.”

Mama was teasing.  You do get to sleep the night through again, but never quite like you did before there was a sweet little bright eyed lady like this one in your house.  A tiny infant who has generated more love in you than you ever imagined possible.  Someone who holds your heart in her tiny fingers.  Even when she sleeps the night through, you don’t.  You wake up and slip into her room just to watch her breathe.

What a delight when we took these pictures.  I got to hear this little miss Laugh Out Loud!  Music heard all the way to Heaven!  LOL, indeed, little one!