Gone Fishin’

One of the best parts of today’s technology is that it allows me to enhance an original photograph, bringing out details and features so that the story is more clearly told.

In the original 2 x 3″ snapshot from about 1945, the young woman displays a remarkable grace even while hauling in her catch of the day.  From what I understand, this was likely the one and only time she ever went fishing.  Her passion, then as well as throughout her life, was art – certainly not fishing.

Using a variety of digital tools, I was able to bounce digital “light” back onto her face, illuminating her features while preserving contrast in the remainder of the scene.  The finished print is 8 x 12, and in it, you can clearly see the little fish, the stripes in her dress, as well as her wonderfully fashionable shoes.

This photograph makes me long for warmer weather.