Hummingbird Inspiration

August 12 was my mother’s birthday.  It will be the second birthday since her death.  And although the passing of time has reduced that  initial feeling of breathtaking sadness, it hasn’t reduced our missing her.  Not one little bit.
I’m not sure I was even aware of how many things I enjoyed sharing with her.  Didn’t even realize how many times a day thoughts of her crossed my mind.  Rather surprised by how many of my sister’s mannerisms are exactly like hers.  Have become aware of how many things I do because of who she was.

 (For those of you who didn’t know her, she was a talented musician and artist.  She also always had better things to do than to clean house. What does that tell you about my house? 🙂

This year, I am better able to breathe, not being completely consumed with the pain of loss, and when Mama’s birthday rolls around, I want  my sisters to know that they are on my heart.  So when I saw this cake mix at Fresh Market, I was officially inspired.
Hummingbird cake was Mama’s favorite.  No wonder.  It is incredibly delicious, full of fruity goodness and topped with a cream cheese frosting. I have learned that since the recipe originally ran in Southern Living magazine in 1978, it has become their most requested recipe.  
And while a mix can’t possibly compare to the from-scratch cake, I know that from the moment my sisters see a surprise package in their mailboxes to when they are holding their blinged-out package of cake mix, they will know that I am thinking about them.