I Recently Learned

Lessons learned in making an oversized birthday card:

1.  Think about how you will ship it.  Not only think about it, but check to see what size boxes and/or shipping envelopes are actually available in your area.

2.  Keep the dimensions “standard”.  (see number 1).

3.  Don’t procrastinate (nor keep adding on to the project so that it doesn’t get completed in time to mail)

4.  Bite the bullet and ship it anyway.  (see number 1, 2, and 3)

This card, for a surprise birthday party, turned out to be about 16 x 18 inches.  The face of the card is a 12 x 12 digital image using photographs I copied from my aunt over 10 years ago.  The background is created from a photograph of my grandparents house.  I converted the photo of the house into a digital sketch and then layered the photos and text on top.

The card itself is a piece of water color paper, 18 x 24, that I folded and trimmed to the size I wanted.  The deckle edge on the card and the mats was made by folding and tearing the paper.

An 80th birthday is special. Vintage images used creatively are special, too.  Paying Fed Ex to ship a piece of paper in a ridiculously large box…….oh well, Happy Birthday, Aunt Vena!