Let the Celebration Begin!

I absolutely love Fourth of July celebrations!

Maybe it’s the parades.  (I am a fan of streamers, flags, marching bands, patriotic music).  Maybe it’s the food. (Seems like Mama always made a fresh blackberry cobbler for the Fourth.  I’ll be making one, too…..and homemade ice cream.) Or…..

Maybe it’s the fireworks. (My favorite spot is so close that you get some cinder fallout).  Or maybe it just touches my heart to celebrate the freedom we have in our country because of the service and the sacrifice of the men and women in our armed forces.

 Whatever the reason, I’m ready!  Let the celebration begin!!!

Playing the part of Japanese tourist at the WWII memorial in D.C……I will never again hesitate to pop open an umbrella in the sun.
And while in DC, I was able to verify that we have multiple ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War.  Yep, that’s the Daughters of the Revolution building.  My sisters and I are excited….application in process 🙂