Life’s a Trip

2010 was a trip.  Literally.  Although not a trip on a train. It was a year in which we celebrated events from the past, and a year that brought home the stark reality of the present.

First, the celebration.  We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Hawaii.  It was an absolutely perfect trip. 

Unfortunately, 4 days after we returned home, we received a phone call from a health care professional, informing us that my father-in-law required relocating into a facility that was better equipped to provide care for his escalating Alzheimer’s disease.

About two weeks after that, another phone call, this time from my sister, to tell me that our mother had suffered a devastating stroke. My father-in-law now lives close to us and my mother in a skilled nursing facility (where she receives wonderful care). 

Life, forever and undeniably, altered for us all.

So to close out the year, we decided on some fun (maybe even a bit silly) photographs of ourselves.

The suitcase originally belonged to my mother-in-law.  Her parents gave it to her when she went to college.  When you do the math, you learn that the suitcase and I are the same age. hmmmmmm

When I opened the suitcase, not only was it filled with Tim’s great-grandmother’s sewing supplies, but there was also this fantastic tie in it!  I persuaded Tim to wear the tie (he thought it too skinny – I thought it most marvelous)  The coffee mug? I always am sipping coffee when we travel.  The guide book?  Tim is always the planner/organizer of our trips.

In case you are wondering: yes, these train pictures were made in a public place and yes, we posed like this in front of people who were just strolling by.  It was surprisingly fun.  (The beach pictures were shot during our anniversary trip by a  talented young photographer on Oahu)

The point here is that the past, the charm, even well-worn patina can be beautiful.  It adds texture, interest, to what would otherwise be rather boring.  The other point is that sometimes, life causes us to travel a road we would never, ever choose.  What we can choose, however, is HOW we travel.  And to the best of our ability, we are choosing to trust God and to travel with Him….wherever He leads.

So, to bring this, my last post of 2010, to a close, we would like to wish each of you a very  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!