Long Overdue

Sandy, Thank you so much for your patience with your pictures. I know you are a historical purist regarding photographs so I created a version that is just like the original only without the age spots (wow, don’t I wish it were that easy to eliminate my personal “age spots”!). However, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to actually enhance this image.

I wanted the baby to have greater separation from the background. I also wanted to bring attention to him rather than to the surrounding detail. To do so, I “painted” over existing shadows and detail and then slightly darkened and blurred the background. The final version is 5×7, double the original size.

To finish, I scanned the back of the postcard and layered his name and the date as the title. As the last touch, I added the frame which draws even more attention to the baby. Again, don’t worry, there is a version for the purist….