Love Is…

It was 1933 and he was 24 when they got married.  That is young by today’s standards when marriages are delayed until we graduate from college, begin our careers, and check a variety of things off our to-do-before-we-have-children lists.

They never had children of their own.  No one in the family seems to know exactly why, but they were greatly loved by their nieces and nephews, by their brothers and sisters.

This picture was taken in 1983 for their 50th wedding anniversary.  In a photo album that no one knew about, it was recently discovered in his sister’s attic.  And what a marvelous discovery!  Converted into a high resolution digital format, it can now be shared with all those nieces and nephews and with their children as well.

In addition to the beautiful vintage photograph, here is a photograph of their wedding rings.  Notice how the shadow of the rings forms a heart.  It makes me smile.

It reminds me of what love is to be:  patient and kind.  It does not envy, nor boast.  It isn’t proud, or rude, or self-seeking.  It isn’t easily angered and doesn’t keep a record of wrongs.  Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.  (taken from 1 Cor 13).

Love.  A commitment. A promise.  More than a feeling, true love stands the test of time.