Oh, Beautiful!

We’ve had a wonderful week celebrating our nation’s freedom.
Each year, our party begins the last Sunday in June with Starlight Spectacular.  The estimate is that  this year, 15,000 people attended and were served by 400 volunteers.
My husband, Tim, volunteers parking cars.  For 3+ hours.  On the blacktop.

 In near 100 degree temperatures. With the sun beating down. That means the ambient temperatures must be approaching 1,000 degrees. (Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit.)

I’m a member of the photography team for our Communication Department.  My assignment is always to mix-and-mingle, photographing children and their families enjoying the event.
(While, I can’t boast the black-top volunteerism,  I can tell you that stepping in a wad of fresh chewing gum in the grass in flip flops in this kind of heat = gum flipped and flopped from the bottom, around the side, and finally over the top of my foot.) 
Our family’s party peaks on the Fourth with the city of Germantown’s fireworks display.
But, the end of our party is yet to come.  My daughter and I celebrate our birthdays in just a few days.  So the blackberry cobbler and ice cream will soon be replaced with birthday cake (and ice cream).
But until then….here’s a small sample of our celebration of America the Beautiful!