On the Move

Monday, September 27, 2010:

We received a call that my father-in-law can no longer stay in the independent living facility he moved into just one year ago.   His dementia has progressed and is affecting his mobility so that he is no longer safe without additional assistance.

He doesn’t want to move.  We wish things were different.  But they aren’t.  So Tim asked his dad if he would please consider moving here – to Memphis – to be closer to us.  And he liked the idea.

More than 900 miles on the road, many hours meeting with care center administrators, taking tours, asking questions, making arrangements…..a target move date has been chosen. Coincidentally, our target date is the same date as the National Alzheimer’s Association sponsors it’s annual Fall Memory Walk.

This year they’ve named it “On the Move...” and if all goes well….Moving: that’s what we’ll be doing that day, too.

We’ve heard that Tim’s dad is telling everyone he’s moving here.  Like he’s proud to be moving closer to his son.  It chokes Tim up.  Me too.

What a crazy time of life.