Perfectly Framed

I always appreciate the thoughtfulness of the folks I get to work with, and this was certainly no exception.  The project was brought to me by this gentleman’s great-great-(great?)-granddaughter-in-law. She is a librarian, so  it shouldn’t have been a surprise that she is  attentive to historical details.  But let’s just say, I was impressed!

The original was rather large, so I scanned it in sections and then “stitched” them together to create the digital original.   Fortunately, she had a family photograph that included this  gentleman – a photograph in which both his ears were visible.  This was a bonus.  I was able to lift the ear from one, adjust the size, color, texture, and perspective to create the replacement.

However, simply having a restored print wasn’t quite the end of her vision. She also wanted a presentation that complimented the portrait.  To accomplish that, she searched antique shops until she found a perfectly sized oval frame with its’ original curved glass. I admire her graciousness, generosity, and her faithful attention to detail.  Her family is most fortunate to have her working to bring their vintage images into a relevant and sharable place.
Currently,the print and frame are  at the framer’s.  I can hardly wait….the finished print + the antique frame will = an absolutely stunning piece of vintage art.