Sweet Expressions

The feelings your baby creates in you is something you have to experience before you can fully appreciate it.  I will always remember my husband, Tim, after the birth of our first child, Sarah.  It was magical to watch him as he held her and looked at her little face.

And this little guy…..oh my, I saw the same look in his parents’ eyes as I saw in Tim’s all those years ago.

This sweet baby boy is almost 2 months old and is one of the strongest, most determined little guys I’ve ever seen.  He has so many engaging expressions, I forgot I was supposed to be taking his picture and found myself instead playing with him.  A truly captivating baby with the sweetest Mama and a charming Daddy.  I can already imagine this little guy, melting hearts of all the girls.  He is a complete and total delight! 

BTW:  He also has some rather strong opinions.  He was NOT a fan of a baby tuxedo.  Sorry, sweet Mama, I could not keep myself from posting his fight against getting all dressed up.  It makes me giggle.