The Year of Light

 I’ve dubbed 2012 as The Year of Light and this photograph is as good place as any to begin.

The afternoon of New Year’s Eve, Tim made a fresh pot of coffee, poured a cup, and set it on the kitchen counter as we talked. Unfortunately for quality conversation, the bright sunlight coming through the window and the steam from the coffee were irresistibly distracting.

I grabbed the closest camera, adjusted exposure, and fired off a couple of shots.  The purple light in the background is not added, it is the result of the bright sunlight from the window hitting my unprotected lens which was neither a wise nor an intentional choice.

I’m planning on lots of experiments with lights in photography this year, especially with off-camera lighting.  Gary Baldwin, a local professional photographer, took time from his business in October to tutor me in the basics of off-camera Speedlights.   Now I’m hooked.

I love natural light photography, but on-location natural light isn’t always conducive to quality photographs.  It just isn’t.  I’m hoping to gain enough experience over the next few months to handle speedlights creatively.

To accomplish that, I’ll be looking for folks who would be willing to sit in front of my camera and be my lighting guinea pigs.  I promise… animals will be harmed.  🙂