These Days….

Holidays are over. The extreme cold spell in Memphis is over (thankfully). And I have begun, in earnest, a process of cleaning out closets and our attic so that less time will be wasted trying to “find stuff”. A byproduct of this is the gathering together of photographs – whether old, middle-aged, or new – in one place. This is a first!

I continue to edit and restore photographs for others, but admittedly, have slowed that effort as I dig into digging out!

Earlier this week, I took time to photograph the cameras my grandma and my daddy used. Probably because I have been a fan of photography since I was 12 years old, Daddy gave me their cameras. He knew I would fully appreciate them and while continuing to capture my own images.

He loved Polaroids. Many of the photographs of me and my sisters were taken with the Polaroids and after so many years, the images have begun to deteriorate. I like some of the imperfections in those prints – it adds character.

This is probably the camera my sisters remember. And they probably don’t remember Grandma’s camera at all.

But I do. And I’ll share both the images and the stories with them. It’s all part of “The Art of Recollection”.