Tomato Cage Christmas

I’ve been seeing so many Christmas tomato cage ideas on Pinterest, I decided to share how we’ve been creating tomato cage topiaries for nearly 15 years.  
I first saw the idea of twisting a garland around tomato cages in Southern Living.  Loved the fact that it is beautiful both during the day and at night.  

To duplicate this look:

 1.  Find tomato cages. (easier in the South – we lived in Chicago when I made the original.  My brother found the tomato cages for me in Kentucky…..these are 15 year old-imported cages)

2.  Purchase 9 inexpensive garlands. 
3.  Twist 3 garlands end-to-end to create 3 long garlands.  
4.  Twist those three garlands together to create a fuller garland that won’t appear insignificant when hung over an entry.
5.  Add strands of  lights.  I’ve lost count of how many strands we now have. 
6.  Hang the garland, center first, arranging it around your door and around the tomato cages. (Be patient.  Wear a reindeer antler headband……it helps……along with eggnog…….and cookies 🙂
7.  Add ribbon.  About 50 yards of red velvet. The brown and green ribbons are satin, 30 yards each.
8.  Add ornaments. (or not….It’s perfectly lovely with just ribbon)


This year I added the cute little Santa buckets (thank you, Hobby Lobby) which I filled with candy canes.  My son’s friends will think that is a grand idea!



At the end of the season, I remove the ribbon and ornaments.  I leave the garland and lights intact.  I store it all in a large roller bag designed to hold an artificial Christmas tree.  I include the ribbon, ornaments, even the extension cords, timer, etc. in the same bag.  That simplifies assembly next year.
Maybe I should add my reindeer antlers to the bag, too.  And maybe eggnog.  And maybe cookies.  (Just kidding about the perishable items.  But next year, I’ll have them on hand before I start assembly!)