Trash to Treasure

It was $15. The perfect size and shape.  You know you either have a great vision or that you’ve lost your mind when the woman at the check out counter looks at your newly found treasure, then at you, then back at the treasure…. and finally while shaking her head “no” just says, “Um….um….um”.
I told her I had a vision.  With raised eyebrows, she replied, “That’s a good thing.”   I promised to bring her before and after pictures.

I needed a table for my new desktop PC to perch on.  It had to be small, but also very sturdy.  I was hoping to figure out a way to contain my multiple power strips (being a gadget-girl does add more than a few design challenges).
Rescue:  Little piece of junk/treasure.  In its’ original life, it was likely one of two drawer towers from an dressing table.  In its’ new life:  a wonderful table for my new PC.
Before and After
Work in process……the power tool part of the job is handled by my husband 

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