Volunteer Orange

 Volunteer.  It can mean “one who enters into or offers himself for a service of his own free will”.  It can also mean “growing spontaneously without direct human control or supervision”.  It could also refer to the University of Tennessee sports teams. 

Tennessee Vols Orange.  It’s bright.  It makes a statement.  It’s just not the best color cast for a photograph.  Especially considering that these little boys are from Kentucky!

In photos like this, the cooler colors have faded, allowing the warmer tones the opportunity to “volunteer” to become the predominate colors.  This gives the photos an unattractive orange cast.  Not good, even if these boys had been a Vols fans!

I correct photos like this with a combination of corrective Photoshop layers, relying heavily on both Channel Mixer and Color Balance.  These tools, along with Curves and Levels can return photos like those on the left to their former condition.

Definitions of “volunteer” are from Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary.