“Watch the Birdie”

I remember having my first grade picture taken. I wore a green plaid dress that was trimmed in rick rack and had a coordinating brown corduroy jumper. The dress had ties at the shoulders that kept the straps of my jumper from sliding down my arms. My Mama made it – she made all my clothes – and they were all creative and beautiful.

For my first grade picture, I remember being a little scared (deep down I’m a shy person – don’t laugh – I really am) and as always, obedient (ok, really don’t laugh!). The photographer simply said, “Watch the Birdie” so I did. Then it was over, and here I am, watching for the birdie.

I like to take a vintage picture (yep a picture of me is considered “vintage”….guess that makes me “vintage” too) and not only clean up the obvious flaws, but also brighten the eyes along with the overall image. Unfortunately, sometimes the color on my computer’s screen doesn’t match what shows up on blogger. The updated image really isn’t washed out in print. It is just nicely brightened.