What’s the Point?

A friend recently asked me for a quick tip on improving her photographs.  While there are quite a few factors that have to work together to produce a pleasing image, I honestly feel that maybe the most important is answering the question, “What’s the point?”  Making that decision before you press the shutter will cause you to more carefully examine the scene, looking for images that will communicate best.

This shot is one of many I took at a local community celebration.  It is a very large event, thousands of people in attendance, and it can be difficult to effectively capture.  I chose to post this image because viewing the crowd from the boys perspective gives you an idea of the size and scope of the event.  Also, now that I look at it, I wonder how in the world this boy managed to wear his jacket??!  The temperature was about 97 with a heat index of 107.  I didn’t even notice he had a jacket on – I was too busy trying to not die of heat stroke!!  And yet there he stands, looking all cool…..amazing.