My love of photography led me to become a family historian

I have had a camera in hand since I was 12 years old capturing moments, faces, and places that have meaning in our lives. That love of the photographic process created a appreciation of old family photos.

More than 20 years ago, I photographed some family photos belonging to my aunt. She was unable to identify all the faces and placed in her photos and that was the reason I began doing genealogical research.

As time passed, I became the person in the family who was entrusted as the keeper of family photos.

As inherited family photos, documents, and keepsakes accumulated

We began to feel intimidated by the quantity of information along with the weight of responsibility for both the past and the future. The pandemic of 2020 was the perfect opportunity to take stock and develop a plan for transferring all these items from tubs to treasures. But where to begin?

After considering different directions, I decided to let my personal interests shape the process. Once again, photography was the inspiration.

As I sorted, collated, digitized, and our family’s photos, the stories captured in each image began to speak.

Photography is connected to family history in a profound way as it serves as a visual documentation of moments and relationships across generations. Through photographs, the faces, events, and emotions that shape our family narratives are captured and preserved.

These images become invaluable records, offering a tangible link to our past and providing future generations with a visual understanding of their heritage. In essence, photography is a powerful tool that enhances the storytelling of family history, offering a unique and timeless perspective on our shared journey through time.

Every piece of collected memorabilia, every photo, every box had stories waiting to be told. As I went through the tubs, the files, the envelopes, I fell into the stories.

I began sharing our family history stories on social media and discovered a supportive community of family historians and genealogists who have become a tremendous encouragement to me. If you have found yourself the keeper of your family’s history, let’s join one another in the journey.

There is nothing for you to buy. No subscription required. This is just an invitation for you to open a box of your family keepsakes and listen for the stories. The stories are there. The stories need to be told.

If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

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